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Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions regarding the event.


Information for presenters

The platform used for the online conference is Webex. Please download and install Webex on your computer. A Webex user guide for presenters can be found here


Each presenter will share their screen for their presentation and stop sharing once they conclude so the next presenter can start sharing. Each presentation is allocated 30 minutes, which includes a 5-minute discussion time. The session schedules are tight. Please try to be online 5 minutes before the scheduled session start.


Please send the slides of your presentation (in PDF format) to your session manager by Wednesday 8 December 2021. Please provide your session number in the subject line of your email. This is to ensure your presentation will go forward even if you experience problems sharing your screen on the day. You can find the name and email address of your session manager in the conference programme.


You will receive information about accessing the online platform via email. You will need to attend a short test session one week before the conference. The test session will take place on the same day of the week and start at the same time as the actual conference session. If you are unable to attend your test session, please contact your session manager to participate in an alternative test session. Participants with multiple roles during the conference only need to attend one test session.


If you are presenting in a parallel session, the last person scheduled will chair the presentations in that session, including their own. Session chairs should ensure that all speakers receive their allotted time and that the audience has an opportunity for questions and comments. If you are the chair of a session and would like someone to chair your presentation, then please ask the first presenter.


For job market sessions, a senior academic will chair each session and ensure that all presenters adhere to the presentation schedule. 


Authors of accepted papers will have the opportunity to submit their paper for consideration for a special conference issue of Labour Economics. The submission deadline for the revised manuscript is 31 January 2022. We will convey more information on the review and selection process for publishing in this special issue in early January on our website. 

Information for attendees


The platform used for the online conference is Webex. A Webex user guide for attendees can be found here.

Background file for presenters (optional)

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