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If you wish to apply for an institutional membership on behalf of your institute, please send an email to

Institutional membership


In order to take part to our annual conference, you will need to be a member of the society. The membership lasts for a 12 month period, from the month of the conference, which is December, and ends in November the following year. This year you have the choice of becoming a member through the conference registration system. Alternatively, you can do it through the form below and inform the conference organiser and the AASLE Secretariat if you also register for the conference.

Membership is offered on an annual basis at the cost of $50 USD. Please complete the form below to request becoming a member and note the membership year you are subscribing to.

Register to the conference and attend the General Meeting of the Society taking place at the end of the Conference. You can also  participate on the Job Market event!

Submit the paper you presented on a Special Issue of Labour Economics


Participate in elections of the Executive Committee members and the President of

the society

Receive the AASLE newsletters

Individual membership


We currently offer membership for the 2023/2024 period (December 2023 to November 2024) which will allow you to register to the AASLE2023 event as well as participate on the AASLE elections in Spring 2024.

Thanks for registering for your annual membership. Stay tuned for our latest events!


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